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Operating since 2013 in the virtual office segment, TiliT Group has contributed to companies and independent professionals (self-employed), offering shared office solutions (coworking) at a privileged address in São José dos Campos-SP, with a discreet executive environment, private rooms and personalized service on behalf of your company.
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Located in the largest business center in Vale do Paraíba - São José dos Campos - Jardim Aquarius, on Avenida Cassiano Ricardo – “The One Office Tower” Building. 
Avenue with easy access and excellent infrastructure nearby, with hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, gyms and shopping center.
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Bilingual secretaries, smart telephone system and complete office infrastructure, with reception, executive meeting rooms, auditorium, training room, cafe space, pantry and cleaning services, carefully furnished so that you receive your clients with privacy, comfort, safety and mainly at low cost.

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With versatility and flexibility in plans and services, we have several options available to your business. Also discover the options for individual use, without any bureaucracy or contract. Schedule and use!
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The word TiliT is a Palindrome (a word that maintains the same meaning when read backwards), and was created through a brainstorm between the partners, helped by a psychologist friend.  
The brand was born from the sound of some words in English “Versatility=Versatility”, “Flexibility=Flexibility”, “Profitability=Profitability”, “Capability=Capacity”, etc., words listed as the main characteristics of TiliT Group. 
The company's logo was designed so that the writing design resembles two people at workstations or office tables.
TiliT Group - OFICIAL Sala Cassiano Ricardo.JPG


Offer differentiated structure and services in shared offices, providing quality service, credibility and cost optimization for various business models.

Equipe de pesquisa


Expand our mission, culture and values to new units in Brazil and around the world.

Abraço de equipa


Welcoming and Kindness:

Personalized, helpful, attentive and kind service.

Attention to the Environment:

Maintain a pleasant, functional, safe, clean and organized executive environment; where people feel good and want to be.

Pursuit of Efficiency and Excellence:

Cost reduction and sharing; always seek to improve; exceed expectations; encourage the personal and professional development of all employees.

Initiative and Innovation:

Value each person's initiative, as well as ideas, suggestions and different ways of innovating solutions and processes; generate frequent opportunities to listen to the team, customers and partners.

Integrity and Respect:

Good conduct and human values.


Competence and responsibility.


Kindness and consideration for those in need; offer opportunities for everyone to help; carry out and maintain consistent and focused actions.

Team work:

With transparency, harmony and enthusiasm.

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